For someone who didn’t grow up hunting, it can be an intimidating hobby to find an entry point, especially if you’ve never owned (and rarely shot) a gun. I had bought my first gun and taken the hunter education course, but was still looking for a way to get some practical experience with what it took to set up and conduct a hunt. I was interested in learning the entire process so that I could eventually feel comfortable hunting without a guide. Blake’s approach was the perfect fit. He shared his knowledge of everything from the logistics of the complicated reservation system, to his thinking behind the setup of the decoys. He helped me get a sense of when a bird was in range to take the shot, how to handle a situation with a wounded bird, and ultimately how to clean and dress the birds after a very successful hunt.  Blake shared his appreciation for the entire process behind the sport, including the culinary side of preparing and eating the game itself. I would highly recommend Sky To Table to anyone with an interest in a holistic approach to hunting.