Founder and Chief Mentor

An avid hunter and outdoorsman, Blake is neither your typical MBA nor San Francisco resident. He and his wife Britta are now striving to fill their fridge and freezer only with meat harvested and processed by themselves. They love finding new ways to prepare wild game and feast on it with friends.

Growing up in the Midwest, Blake was fortunate to have learned the art of hunting from his best friend’s family and later, his father-in-law. After moving to San Francisco, he quickly realized the significant barrier to entry for learning to hunt, namely having a family member or close friend to pass on the art. While working at a local sustainability consulting firm, Blake soon had the opportunity to pay it forward: a new co-worker heard Blake talk about duck hunting and asked to learn. After showing him the ropes over a season, he’s now become a regular hunting buddy for waterfowl, boar, and turkey!

Not long after, while hosting friends for a wild duck dinner, our guests (thanks Steph & Ron!) came up with the name sky to table and made Blake register the domain name that night. And, so Sky to Table was born.

Blake enjoys the teaching process and appreciates having new mentors to continue learning from. His passion for the sport is also maturing — he enjoys being out in the blind or watching a dog work just as much as making a great shot.  

My goal is not to take you out once for a successful hunt. Rather, it’s to show you enough so you can hunt on your own — safely, responsibly, and successfully.