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Important Information

Do I need a hunting license?

Yes.  The State of California requires you to have a hunting license (and appropriate game tags/stamps) if you want to hunt and take game.  You can purchase a hunting license online and through many retail stores.  IMPORTANT: To purchase a license, you must prove you have completed and passed a qualified hunter safety education course (in California or another state).  Click here to see what is considered acceptable proof.

If you want to take a hunter safety course in California, you can do an online course with a follow-on in-person component.  Or, you can do the entire class in-person.

If you aren’t sure you want to actually hunt (i.e., hold a gun and take game), but are still interested, you can contact me about participating as a non-hunter (i.e., join the hunt, but just as an observer).

Do I have to clean and eat any game that I take?

Most definitely yes.  It’s unethical and illegal to let game go to waste.  And, my services are intended to teach you how to hunt, not do it for you (of course, I’m there to guide you through the process). To be clear, this is NOT just about going out and shooting something.  Rather, it’s about knowing where you food comes from, using as much of the animal as possible, and appreciating the amazing meals it can provide…all while enjoying the thrill of the hunt (and being outdoors).  If you choose not to consume your game, you are welcome to legally gift it someone (FYI, it is illegal to sell, trade, or barter for it).

How old do I have to be to participate?

Anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  There are specific regulations for junior hunters that should be reviewed.  There are also minimum ages established by the State of California that determine when someone can obtain a license and hunt.

What equipment will I need?

Equipment needs vary by which species we’re hunting.  I can provide more information when we talk.